1st International User Meeting hosted by NEO Dr. INC.


NEO Dr. INC. has hosted the first international user meeting for three days from July 6 to 8. The meeting was attended by major overseas buyers and new buyers, who came from in Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Japan. The most effective product, CAVERN, for improving wrinkles, lifting and improving contours was mainly shown, the theory of thread using and the live procedure were conducted at Samsung Medical Clinic in Gangnam and Chungdam NB Clinic. Unlike other common threads, the various effects of Cavern can be delivered through a continuous seminar. Through this meeting, We were able to introduce newly developed products and build trust and friendship with buyers. We have got inquiry from Malaysia, Kuwait, and China, etc. and made a sale worth about 50,000USD through this user meeting.

We will continue to be the NEO Dr. Inc. who will communicate with our customers and do our best to improve our business further.