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Animal Experiment

These are some findings from the animal experiment
01. There was no difference in the amount of collagen synthesis between PDO, PCL, and PLLA.
02. The level of foreign body reaction and collagen formation is in proportion to the thread surface contacting the tissues.
03. Cavern has more contact surface than other threads and thus, forms more collagen.
04. The more thread there is in the target area, the easier the formation of collagen network.
05. Excessive threads may worsen the inflammatory reaction around them.
06. Considering price and convenience of use, PDO may be the most efficient option.
07. The more the collagen, the more the volume.
4 Weeks
12 Weeks
Cavern itself has high thread volume and as more surface area comes into contact with the tissues,
a large amount of collagen is synthesized.
Mono Type x 100
Cavern Type x 100
Animal experiment is on processing to prove to collect not only outside but also inside of CAVERN.

Knot Pull Tensile Strength


The test is designed to demonstrate the excellence of the quality of the company’s products by demonstrating that
the tensile strength produced in 2016 has remained the same two years after it was produced.
01. Inspection Results
02. Comparison of Results


The tensile strength measurement uses mono-type ND270605N to account for changes in tensile strength over time after manufacture. The tensile strength of each of the ten joints was measured. As a result of measurement, there was no difference between tensile strength immediately after production and tensile strength after expiration, and the compliance of the reference value was demonstrated after the expiration of the validity period.
Receiving inspection report for PDO thread
Receiving report for PDO thread